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I cut my reloading teeth on the 1st edition of "ABC's" by Dean Grennell way back, also on John Wooters (great book, esp the section on boolit casting) and Geo. Nonte. These are mostly out of print, find 'em at your local library. They all had informative sections on boolit casting the way we used to do it, such as home made Kookie Kutters, bullet sizer "dies", some of which were nothing more than polished holes in steel, etc. And then the free wheel weights. Lead in any form was mostly free. Ah, the good old days. Sometimes I think we have it TOO good today. Little ingenuity.

That said, after 25+ years of dippin' boolits, I'd have a tough time giving up my Lee Pro 20 bottom pour pot (and a few other things!)
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