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... the Berettas I have handled have had markedly better fit, finish, and "quality feel" than CZs.
Don't know what "quality feel" might mean to you, but will agree that Berettas have a much higher level of finish, including areas polished internally that CZ doesn't bother with. I would argue, however, that most of these (and other) differences do not make the Beretta a better-shooting or more durable handgun than a CZ.

My only point is that CZ seems to pay more attention to utilitarian concerns than cosmetics. (Their "Polycoat" finish is evidence of that assessment.) Many wish CZ would pay more attention to "finish" issues, but would probably complain about higher prices if they did.

I really don't think that Berettas are better "fit" (barrel to slide, slide to frame, hammer to grip frame, etc.) than CZs; I'd consider that a toss up.

Like you, I wouldn't claim that CZs are better-made than Berettas. Cosmetics seem to be the biggest difference. I like the grip better on the CZ, but some of the Tanfoglio-based guns (like the Baby Eagle) have even improved on that.

To me, the Beretta just SEEMS big; yet both guns work in the same holster.
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