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FN SCAR with Mini4 first impressions.

(those are tactical Birkenstocks)

I decided on the Mini4 over the M42K based on weight and length. I was wanting to keep the center of gravity close to the mag well. I didn't want the overall length of the rifle/can to be longer than my 20" A2 AR-15. Also by the db ratings at the shooter's right ear from Major Malfunction's testing were a big influence on my decision.

I haven't had much time to shoot with it as it is still in transfer. I do live a few minutes away from my dealer so I get to visit it from time to time.

I will say it is not as quiet as the M4-2000 or a Gemtech G5 (duh). It does quiet the bark of the 5.56 pretty well. I would compare the report to a .32 or perhaps a .380. The SCAR has a setting for shooting with a suppressor. I never experienced any gas in the face/eyes like I do when shooting a suppressed AR. There was no fussing with the rifle to make it work suppressed, simply flip the gas block to suppressed, screw on the can and shoot!
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