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I had a .380 initially but it didn't turn out to be what I wanted for a carry gun. The particular one I had had a slide that was a witch to try and rack, hated the long trigger pull (too suspenseful like waiting on a jack-in-the-box to pop up at you) and overall it was too small to grip. Just wasn't one I was comfortable enough with to trust as my SD gun, no matter what ammo was in it.

I am starting to think about looking for another one though to bring in to be able to rotate with my sub and compact 9mm's for times when my 9's are a bit too bulky, ie. form fitting top or shorts/pants that are more fitted. A smaller .380 might conceal in my IWB. I have the Desantis pocket holster but I'm not a fan of pocket carry, typically because my pants just don't allow the extra room.
Im just not 100% comfortable yet with the thought of doing that, no matter how accurate of a shot I am. I like having as many odds stacked in my favor as I can get. I personally feel like I've got them stacked better with my 9's.

But I belong to a forum that's all women, (non gun related). We were actually discussing guns a few weeks ago and the majority of the ladies there carried .380's. (Glocks came in a close 2nd!)
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