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the good old days only look good because you are looking thru eyes at todays pay check. making 1.25 a hour and a brick of .22,s at 5.00 is not good,you have to work 4 hours for them. yeasterday i bought a 500 round bulk pack of winchester,s for 24.00 at wally world, making 12.00 a hour means working only two hours for them today. and around here not many make less than 12.00 a hour. in 1962 you could buy a new win. pre-64 model 70 for 110-120 dollars and at that time i made 2.19 dollars a hour so i had to work 52.5 hours to buy a 115.00 dollar model 70, when i retired in 2005 from heavy highway construction i was making 27.50 a hour and a new model 70 with CRF like the pre-64,s was 700.00,meaning i had to work about 25.5 hours to buy it. it may have been a slower and better time to raise a familey, but you were no better off then than now. eastbank.
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