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I would just like to say that the good ol' days are not gone. when i was in high school my principal told me "ya know ya cant have a gun in your truck on school grounds right? so if i cant see it, say maybe you put it behind the seat in a scabbard so it doesn't get scratched, i wouldnt know its there." My woodshop teacher helped me build my first gun rack for my bedroom. i would step onto my back porch and shoot sage Canadian geese as they fly in and out of our alfalfa field. when i was 14 i started buying 12ga, gunpowder, primers, and 22 shells from the local gunstore. the owner would call up may Dad and ask if i was ok to buy them. it just seems to me that yall are staying in the wrong places! the town i grew up in has 3000 people in it....and i graduated high school in 2008. there is a country song out by Justin Moore that reminds me alot of home. "I wouldn't trade one single day, Here in small town USA"
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