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I am using the Nosler 6th edition. No where does it state anything about the use of magnums in .223 or 5.56.
I'm fairly sure that the Remington 7-1/2 "benchrest" primer that Nosler recommends in that guide uses a magnum priming compound, and is hotter than the regular Remington 6-1/2 small rifle primer. Likewise, their 1-1/2 small pistol primer is the "regular", and the 5-1/2 small pistol primer is for "magnum" applications, even though it's not explicitly labeled as such.

It's the same situation as the CCI #41 "NATO" primer. It's not labeled "magnum" on the packaging, but if you dig around in their literature a little bit, you'll find that it uses magnum priming compound and that they recommend treating it as a magnum primer for loading purposes.

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