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As I've always said about these: explain why its better than a compact double stack semi auto, such as a glock 19? It literally has no advantage unless you were attacked by a snake. This isn't Taurus hate, its the real world. I have noticed a disparity between the Judge owners and experienced, knowledgeable firearms people - why might that be?

S&W got into the game because the Taurus sold so well, despite Taurus's famous mediocre quality. S&W didn't make it because its useful, because after its sold, they do care if it doesn't work, but they don't care if you shoot or not, or what purpose suits you - their main concern is that the gun does what its supposed to do, meaning fire when the trigger is pulled. After that, they have the pesky profit/fiscal concern(s).

Gun companies are always trying to make something new that may or may not be a good idea, and the fact that something is made doesn't mean its well thought out.
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