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Going back to the original issue,how do you spell "squib"?
That brings up an interesting point.

Although most will argue that a squib can't cycle a slide...and although I always try to keep an open mind on things that "can't" happen...I believed that myself...

Until I saw it happen on day while doing the volunteer "Armorer on Duty" at a local club's plate match.

While watching the female half of a husband/wife team mowing down the plates during a pre-match warmup...looking straight at the shooter, marveling on her thus far perfect score...I heard the light pop...watched the slide cycle...saw the empty case dribble out of the port, and watched it go back to battery.

My mind raced and I knew what I'd just seen. The event that couldn't happen...just happened right in front of me.

Before I could get her attention, she pulled the trigger again and locked the gun up solidly. The barrel bulged radically and split at 3 and 9.
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