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Attempt, just for a moment if you can, to strip the emotion from it.

Go to a happy place where "love", "hate" and all of that ceases to exist.

With no emotion attached, it seems to me (I could be mistaken?) that a Judge of any size or build is a more effective defensive weapon when loaded with .45 Colt ammunition than it is with .410 ammunition. If that is indeed the case, than it doesn't seem to make sense to me to carry something like a Judge when a .45 Colt revolver would do. At that point, you begin to compare what is offered from a .45 Colt revolver to other common defensive handguns of other types, in other chamberings.

I'm happy with my carry gun and it is not a Judge.
I wouldn't want someone ELSE to choose my carry gun.
I would think it equally ludicrous that I choose a carry gun for someone else.

I can find a number of reasons to HATE on a Judge, if that is what is required in this thread, but I don't need to hate on a Judge. I don't need a Judge.

if it was so bad why did s&w get into the game ?
For all the things that Taurus does poorly (and they do a handful), their out-of-the-box ideas and marketing is incredibly strong. Taurus single-handedly convinced the gun buying public that they needed and/or wanted a .410-chambered handgun. At that task, they are brilliant and they are unmatched. Their desire to make something different and capture the attention of the buying public just plain impresses me. Unlike other stodgy outfits, they are willing to market strange, different things in order to attract buyers. I love that about Taurus.

That is why "S&W got in to the game" of making a .410-chambered handgun. They finally threw up their hands and said, "wow, people are going to buy these, we can make money here, we need to make one."

If you believe S&W decided to make a Governor because they truly believe it's the best thing going in defensive handguns... please find anyone at Smith & Wesson that will agree to that.
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