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Is the 380 Still Going Strong?

Today marks month 27 of my LCP riding in my right front jeans pocket. For the last good chunk of that it has been in my final carry configuration after cycling through ammo and holsters. It sits in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster with 102-grain Remington Golden Sabers and a spare magazine in the coin pocket of the jeans. It presents smoothly, shoots surprisingly accurately, and is pain-free and controllable for me until I hit 150-200 rounds.

Most importantly are the 1,000+ fail-free rounds with three types of defense JHP (Golden Saber, PDX1, Gold Dot) and three types of cheap plinking ammo (WWB, Fed Champ, PMC).

It is not a powerful gun. It is not a fancy gun. It's a rock-solid reliable featherweight that packs enough punch and accuracy to aid my escape in a bad situation.

For what the gun is, I love it to pieces.
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