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Originally Posted by valleyforge.1777
How can you make reloads without owning a set of calipers?
I did for years without calipers, trusting to the manufacturers to sell me stuff of the right size and visually checking for chamber fit, etc.
Originally Posted by valleyforge.1777
It sounds like either your cases are being sized too widely, or, maybe more likely, your bullets are actually 9 mm, incorrectly labeled as 38's.
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Sure sounds like it, but I have never seen 9mm wadcutters (if the new Proofmark bullets that slip too easily into the case mouth/neck are the ones I think they are).

I have been advised (by someone whose opinions I trust) that it should take about 40-50 lbs of force to insert a bullet into a properly sized case.

Note: Even properly sized cases, if the case-mouth flaring/belling is too much, will not have the proper tension on the bullet.

Try this: Size a couple of these cases. (What brand are they, by the way?) Then, take the case-mouth belling die apart and see if you can insert the belling/flaring mandrel into the case mouth by hand. Can you insert a bullet by hand?

Take a sized AND FLARED case and attempt the same two manual insertions described above.

Do the differences tell you anything? Please tell us about it.

You can measure a lot of things, even if you don't have calipers or micrometer. But they are sure helpful.

Good luck. Thanks for asking our advice.

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