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Note to "ClydeFrog" and others who say that a DA will call you a "cowboy".

If any moron of a DA tried that in court, the proper counter is "you're playing Goldilocks Gun Control".

Talk to the jury. Explain to them that if you carried a handgun identical to what the local police used, you'd be called a "cop wanna-be". If you used a 1920s-era Colt revolver they'd call you "the second coming of Al Capone". If you used a snubby Charter Arms they'd point out that was the gun used by the killer known as "Son Of Sam". And on, and on, and on. Guns are tools. They've been used by good and bad people, for good and bad purposes. All of them. Any gun you carried could be demonized somehow. You carried a gun you knew how to shoot accurately and safely, which is why you're there in court and the other guy ain't. The fact that the DA is bringing up this horsecrap is proof that all he has is horsecrap, innuendo and lies. They need to ask "was this a justified use of deadly force" and the answer is "yes" - at that point the gun doesn't matter.
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