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Low ride holsters evolved from hip holsters interfering with large body armor, and rappelling harnesses. They have evolved into a fashion statement.
Really? Body armor? Not quite.
The best place for the pistol grip to be is where your fingers naturally fall. Not above your wrist as most hip holsters leave it.

Running with a gun on a hip holster, especially a full size steel one, isn't a great experience. Why do you think people are always holding their gun when running? With a good thigh holster it isn't a problem. That second attachment at the bottom around the thigh does wonders. It also eliminates the holster flipping when you draw, which shouldn't be a problem with even a mediocre holster, but I think we have all seen it.
Did I mention it is more comfortable and easier to draw in a vehicle than a strong side hip holster? There are so many benefits and the only real negative is people will say things like "tactical rig."
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