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No that was some good information. It is something I have just recently started to seriously look into and consider doing, so I had no idea what schools would be best to attend. I saw the NRA schools through their website, was just worried about relocating and everything which is why I even considered the online stuff - but you definitely made a good point, especially after looking into them further, they are a joke. I would much rather take a more hands on approach, the convenience of online is just what appealed to me but sometimes you have to inconvenience yourself to go after the things you really want.

I had no intentions of making the big bucks, just want to have a career I can support myself on and enjoy doing. I love working on guns, and it it something I would love to continue doing. A career in gunsmithing appealed to me due to the fact that you are constantly learning throughout your career, and constantly improving your craft and trade. The satisfaction of a finished project and the fact I will actually enjoy my job mean more to me than the monetary pay out. Thank you for the information, definitely gives me some things to think about and look into.

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