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An interesting sidenote to the use of single action in a defensive role was that of a resident of NW Colorado driving near Hayden, CO, and seeing the local chief of police in pursuit of a car with a person shooting out of the vehicle at the police car. Shortly after the pass, the cars went off the road, and three occupants of the suspect vehicle ran up into some rocks on a foothill. The police chief took a position of cover, and was still subsequently shot in the abdomen (from a .22 rimfire rifle), but temporarily refrained from returning fire upon seeing at least two of the suspects as juveniles obviously in their early teens. The citizen in the passing car was armed with a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum, knew the police chief, and decided to give assistance. He worked his way up, behind the three suspects, and saw that they were ALL juveniles, later found to be 9, 11, and 15, from Rock Springs, WY, who had stolen a car and were on a "joy ride". The armed citizen took cover, and then let one round of .44 Mag fire into the air, and literally stunned the juveniles into surrender. For all it's shortcomings, a single action can be had in awesome chamberings (.44 mag, .454, etc), and on occasion, the effects of concussion, extreme penetration, etc, MIGHT offer advantages that mini-pocket guns do not.
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