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Re: The Good Old Days are Gone

Just got me thinking about .22's
Back in 1990-91, Roses in Martinez was selling Winchester Super-X $1.09 / box or Wildcat $0.99 / box. Every Friday I stopped and grabbed a brick or 2, tossed it in a .50cal ammo can (6 bricks + 10 boxes / can).
I'm still shooting it, even though this past summer I was stocking up on CCI MiniMags $5.99/100.
Back in the 80's a bunch of us bought MiniMags in 50 ct paper boxes w/ plastic trays, a case of 5000 was $105.
I think this will pass again, prices will be a bit higher, but will settle down some soon.
I've always kept a good supply of ammo, not hoarding or prepping, for convenience.
If I wanted to go plink, I'd grab a brick or so and go.
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