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the problems come from the following issues that are well known with the nature of the gun.

long cylinder jump for a 45 caliber bullet, doesnt help accuracy

short barrel doesnt help build up energy for .410 birdshot
rifling kills any chance for an actual shotpattern when using birdshot loads.

its the first ccw sized revolver chambered in 45 colt. seriously, it is. cant say the ruger alaskan is a ccw pocket gun... its nearly twice the weight of the judge..

then you have the issue of it being a taurus. too many people have been upset that the brazilian company was successful with a 410/45 caliber revolver were until now only single shot combination guns have been successful in america.

and because it came out before sw had a similar weapon.

but when you get down to it. a load of federal 410 handgun from that little pocket blaster is going to reinforce "no" in ways a taser or stun gun never will.
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