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I defintely suggest getting your hands on both of them as they are two completely different beasts. The makarov is a single stack blowback operation whereas the 85 is a double stack with more of a Browning type lock up.

As a little personal input, I own a CZ-75B, which is the non ambidexterous version of the 85 and it is easily my favorite semi auto to date (don't own a 1911 yet...). I also own a CZ-82 which is the surplus CZ in 9mak. It too is a great gun, especially for the price, but I like my 75 more.

For your use of just having it be a car gun, its up to you if you wish to keep it in that sense. I can't offer a whole lot of info there being from IL and making sure everytime I put my gun in my car, its properly unloaded and in a case out of arms reach. For concealing, you have a good three years before you'll be eligible for a CCL. By then, you'll have a better idea of what you like and don't like. It'll also give you some time to set aside $20 here and there towards a ccw gun.
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