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"this is where Hitler thought Germany was going technologically but there was no room for a semi auto?"

Pie in the sky plans on paper are one thing, and they often have little to do with economic and manufacturing reality.
it's been a little while since I read the book and it was more of a boredom halfway through a 7 month deployment type read so I'm fuzzy on details but it seems that many of these pipedreams at least made it to the prototype stage, tanks like the P1000 Ratte, with crews of over 40 which never had a chance to be field tested and the panzer 7 maus that had enough prototypes in enough factories to be captured by both soviet and british forces.

again... not sure as to the validity of the claims but seems that there are a few different sources online that seem to corroberate... at least on the tanks...

Just because the Germans laid out plans for 90,000 ton battleships with 20 inch main guns doesn't mean that they had the economic or industrial capacity to build it OR rearm their military with semi-automatic/selective fire battle rifles.
they didn't get all the way there but the bismarck class battle ships came pretty close... sortof...
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