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Makarov or save for a CZ 85

While looking at a store for a Makarov (which they didn't have) I asked about the CZ pistols and while they didn't have any of the surplus they had a CZ 85 in .40 and he took it out for me. It felt awesome. Probably the nicest feeling gun I have ever put in my hands. I'd get one in 9mm though.

Basically, when I turn 18 I'll be allowed to keep it in my car. I'll be able to carry concealed at 21 , so that's a little bit away. I like the small size of the Makarov because it will be easier for me to conceal, being a very small frame person. However that's 3 and a half years for now and I think the size of the CZ 85 would be OK to keep in the car.

I'd also like to maybe do some competition shooting with it. I know guys use them in competition and I hear great things about the accuracy but I'm aware that the magazine capacity will necessitate a lot more reloads.

All things equal (or if I got them both for free) and I could only choose one, it would probably be the CZ 85. But it is a lot more expensive and I like the fact that the Makarov ammo is far more readily available.

Anyways, I'm going to get hands on a Makarov somehow before choosing but I'll take the comments here into consideration.
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