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kennyg you should not the high velocity rounds tend to go sub sonic around 75 yards. hypervelocity ,around 100 to 125 yards. They also tend to not be real accurate at 100 yards distance.

The standard velocity loads that your rifle likes best tend to be very accurate in marlin 60 actions, "glenfields" and with enought scope will shoot around 1" groups. IF you take the time to find that BEST ammo abd place them in the animals head it will fall died. It doe not matter if you use a HP or solid.

You say your a small game hunter you should then no a baddly shot tree rat at 12 yards will not fall died right now.

Find a better ammo. One your rifle likes not one you like. Then try some 100 yard real world shooting of a target. You might be suprized by your grouping with stingers.

I have not shot any speedy .22lr ammo in many years. Wolf or sk mainly for target and hunting.
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