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Ruger Alaskan

Originally Posted by wrm View Post
Heh. I have a 454 Casull on order. That might tend to get... interesting.
It is... Interestingly painful with full power 454 loads. Mine pushes a 335 gr Cast Performance at 1078 fps and a 360 gr CP at 1060 fps. It does hurt my wrist but I got it for fishing Alaska.

With heavy 45 "Ruger only" 45 Colt loads it isn't too bad so the 44 should be manageable.

44 special bullet weights/velocities should be a pleasure to shoot just like my light 45 Colt loads.

I rarely shoot the full power 454 loads. I have some fairly light kicking 45 Colt loads that hit the same POA at 15 yds. Those are the practice loads.
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