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The price of a new m&p9c at our lgs is 483. today . It was a single order price that was a bit higher than normal. A striker block replacement from apex is 39 dollars. glock gen 3 at 509. gen 4 is 550 here. I simply like the m&p grip much better than any glock.

Accuracy!! The ammo used sure can change how accurate a pistol can be, even where it prints on target. And just like with a rifle barrel different, some have a likeing for different labels of ammo and weights even with in the same line of firearms.

Luck of the draw!! Our last glock 17 was nothing special with the same practice ammo that shot so well in the shorter barreled m&p . Both shot the same +P HP ammo very egualy aswell. Just the way production barrels react to a given load.

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