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I have had my day, and am now completely zenned out about the world. There's nothing like a little "worship at the Church of Flying Brass" to put things in perspective.

I didn't get to shoot the tactical range, because some officers were there, preparing for qualifiers, I think. So it was straight down, lane-type shooting at 25, 15, 11 and 7 yards. I wound up going through ~130 rounds.

Things I learned:
1) My pistol does not like cheap mags. They'll work, but they're definitely more prone to malfunctions. In defense of my cheap mags, I had some trouble getting them seated, so I consider that to be user error, and I did have one stoppage with my good mags, but only one.

2) After 100 rounds or so, I got tired, and it showed.

3) I asked the trainer about my form, which he said was fine.

4) We faced with the sun at about 2:00 (if straight in front of me was 12), and semi-late afternoon. After a while, that and my fatigue made it hard to focus on the front sight, and that showed, too.

All in all, my shooting was satisfactory, but not spectacular. It's definitely worth it to go back, though. The trainer was one heck of a nice guy, and patient with me.
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