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I voted for the -CZ 550 Varmint 25" (with detachable mags and a heavy barrel) €950. You can always have it threaded if you want to install a brake or suppressor. You can always heave it cut shorter if you decide you want it shortened but you can't make the 20" barrel longer if you don't like it. Also you can put more rounds through the heavy barre before it heats up. It may be heavier to carry for hunting but you can do more shooting at the range before letting it cool. Also the heavy longer barrel will help tame the recoil a little more than the short light barrel will.

I love my 527 Heavy Varmint in .223. I was looking for a 550 Varmint but the panic here in the States has them all gone. Now that I have my 06 shooting the way I want no more need for the 550.
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