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Jay south, no problem, I understand what your saying. Only info I have is my personal experience.
In my deer hunting group which consists of 15 members there is at least 7 Rem autos and pumps in 270 and 06's. One of the hunters had a new Rem auto and got rid of it for bolt action rifle. 3 other members traded their old model in for a newer model rem. Some were the original 740's and 760's and the rest were the later 7400,s and 7600,s. Most of us hand load and with these rifles you need use small base dies. Then we started to experience problems with the resizing the case and the rifle not closing properly using hand loads.
When the no-go head space gage was used on these rifles the action still closed with ease, indicating to much headspace.
I also attend a lot of gun shows as a vendor and when some one approaches me and wants to sell or trade a Rem auto or pump I first ask if I can check the headspace on the rifle. A majority of the time the action closes on the no-go guage, and I am not interested in the rifle.
There are others that don't close on the no-go gauge, but do on the go-gage. some are quite old and like the good ones that are in my hunting group where they have been shot a fair amount they still are tight.
With factory ammunition those guns shoot and cycle fairly good, and maybe if we hadn't been hand loading, we wouldn't have seen it.
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