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Originally Posted by glock country:

As the title says, I´m searching for a non hp ammo, in 9mm Luger for self defense purposes.
Here in Austria, you only get HP´s for hunting and sport shooting purposes. I know, it´s really strange, but this is fact, and I don´t want to discuss the stupid gun laws in our country.

What from the following types of ammo would YOU choose:

100grs. Fiocchi JSP-Flat (very hot loaded, and the ammo of our police)
93grs. Fiocchi EMB (expanding, non hp bullet, concerned about penetration depth)
124grs. FMJ round nouse (for example Fiocchi, Geco, etc...)

My handuns are: Ruger LC9, Glock 19 and 26.

Or have you any other suggestions??

Thank you very much for your replies!

If I found myself restricted to carrying nothing but non-expanding ammo, I'd pick the most reliable and accurate FMJ that I could find and go with that.

They're all going to produce HUGE penetration, so the choice goes to reliability and accuracy, in that order.

The Fiocchi EMB might be an answer, but it is hard to say as that particular design has never struck me as being one that offers reliable expansion. If it does, then it is certainly preferable to the FMJs provided it can provide enough penetration to reach vital organs under the conditions you are operating under.
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