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For me that’s a tough question, but a good one.
the Garand is what everyone wants to see and shoot.
I totally agree with ChrisTX on that one. I like shooting the M1 better for that reason and the fact of its history. My dad carried one for over 3 years and really liked shooting mine.
But if I’m going to kill paper, the M1 never leaves the safe. My 03 will out shoot the grand at 200 yards with the grand at 100. Granted it’s probably me more than the gun.
What I feel is the biggest problem is getting a nice 03. Grand’s for now are available in great condition at CMP where as 03 are not.
With that said, go for the M1 from CMP and get the highest grade you can afford. You won’t be disappointed or ever regret it.
Your biggest problem with both is ammo. Not much available right now. Luckily that’s not my problem.
The attached are mine.
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