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Whats happened to Brunos shooters supply

On Feb 15, I ordered some Berger bullets from Brunos over the phone. They told me they were in stock . There were some other bullets that I wasn't able to order because they were out of stock and they weren't placing backorders. I got a E-mail confirmation that they were shipping UPS ground, but no tracking number.
THey haven't arrived yet as of today. I can't go to UPS because I don't have a tracking number. Brunos phone # that they list on the order to call if there are problems gives you a busy signal 24/7. I've sent several e-mails and get no response. Even E-mailed the webmaster of their website on the slight chance I may get some info.
About 2 years ago I ordered some 6 M/M Lapua Scenair bullets and the come in a plastic baggy. He claimed they were bulk bullets. That struck me as odd because no other suppliers for Lapua have bulk bullets.
Is anyone else experiencing this problem or have had any other problems with Bruno?
I interested in hearing your experiences, whether they are negative challenges or positive experience.
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