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What the _____ else would a standard shooting method be for a SA revolver?
I have no idea what you meant, that's why I asked. I didn't know that cocking with your weak thumb was such an abstract concept.

...because for all the time one practices, they could have gotten proficient with a semi auto or DA revolver instead, which both are more advantageous than a SA revolver in a gun fight......This is another good point. For the time it would take for someone to master the SA six gun that way, someone could have mastered say a 1911, CZ 75, or S&W model 10, which offer many advantages to the shooter.
That would be great, except that I have no desire to do that much shooting with DA's and autos. If I did, I would but I don't. I carry an SA on occasion because I'm good with it. I didn't get good with it because I wanted to carry it. Chicken and egg.

...fanning was only ever done because technology had not yet caught up to what the gunfighter of the day really wanted...
Fanning is a Hollywood invention, unless you still think slip hammering is fanning.
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