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Falcon Bullet Company

Hey, has anybody dealt with Falcon Bullet Company lately? I read on another post somewhere in the past couple of days where some other guy had just recently ordered some lead bullets from them and they were pulled and shipped within 24hrs.

I went to their website to look around, and saw the current ad that said that they would ship their products within 24 hrs. in most cases, and they also were offering a 1/2 price discount on freight charges this week... so I ordered some stuff that showed "on hand/instock". That was 3 days ago, and so far the current online order status has read "processing" ever since I placed the order online.

I tried to call them by phone just to verify whether or not they were jammed up like everybody else (which they probably are) or maybe something went wrong with the transaction itself.

It's probably the "freak out" thing though... Anyway... I just was wondering if anyone had any experience with this company. They have some really good reviews, and their prices are in line (for the times) from what I can tell.

Just wonderin'

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