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Rifle choice. What to pick when you don't know what you need!

This thread was inspired by a comment in my Match Barrel thread made by TFL Mod, Art Eatman.

He remarked:
Odds are that if you think it through about your intended purpose, we can give better answers to well-thought-out questions concerning that purpose.
And yet, truth is, I don't know everything I want to do with it. I only know what I'll mostly be doing with it: target shooting.

But I also know that I'd like it to at least be a viable choice for hunting. I have never hunted, but I am getting up to speed with the hunting laws locally and may give it a go.

So my wants:
  1. A bolt action in .308.
  2. A gun with which I can slowly creep up in competence and perhaps one day manage that 1km shot!!
  3. A gun that could conceivably be used in hunting, even if not ideal (over here, hunting is a day long events, not days long).
  4. A gun that I can shoot gently, or shoot quickly, repetitively, should the mood or the need arise (hence my "match barrel" thread).
  5. Cheaper the better, but not to buy something not fit to purpose. Between selling my old gun and some cash I have put aside I'll have about €650-700. The rest, I'll need to save.

Additional considerations:
  1. I have the scope and rings to fit a CZ. Hence a CZ would be advantageous
  2. I'd like detachable mags, hence a CZ would be advantageous
  3. I am moderately recoil shy: .308 from my existing rifle is plenty!

So my main choices:

-CZ 550 American 20" (with detachable mags and a threaded barrel) €790
-CZ 550 Varmint 25" (with detachable mags and a heavy barrel) €950

Wildcard choices:
-Ruger Hawkeye Std M77 20" (integral mag, not threaded, quite expensive, no scope rings included, but seemingly better finish despite a couple of scratches from being on display...) €850
-Savage Axis XP? €600 ish Pretty basic model.

After this purchase, I don't think there with be another for quite some time, so this choice needs to be good.
It needs to be what most guns are not: a jack of all trades. I am happy to work round things like weight, if it gives me some of the characteristics I want but aside from that I am really not sure what to go for...
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