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2. You showed Hollywood & called it a valid example. I showed real life & you called it unrealistic. Do you also consider the training videos from Gunsite & I.C.E. unrealistic because the targets don't shoot back?

....Let's put aside the fantasy & look at reality....
Shooting at targets is not the same as shooting at a living breathing person who might be attacking you. In a VERY SUPERFICIAL way, I see what you're saying, and I did the whole time. However, doing something against a target DOES NOT mean (for the 100th time) that you could do it even HALF as good in a real life encounter. Its a very naive assumption to say that someone who hits all of the paper and steel and cans will hit all of the targets in a life and death scenario.

See, here is how I am different from other TFL members (among other things) instead of saying I know I would be cold as ice in a SD encounter, instead of saying I know I would hit the attacker, because I can hit a piece of paper, instead of saying my skills are top, I instead think the opposite. I know I could be better, because we all could be better. I could see myself missing in a SD encounter (not that I'm not accurate, but SD IS DIFFERENT) or perhaps forgetting to count rounds - pulling a trigger on an empty gun, dropping my reload where I can't get to it, etc. I am a mortal, and thus, I make the mistakes that mortals make.

Talk is cheap regarding SD, and few people have walked the walk. Anyone can guess what "walking" is actually like, but you will never know, until you do it yourself.
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