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Great replies fellas! I have to admit that I was still angry when I posted this and I am not actually thinking about getting rid of my FNP-9 ( unless someone wants to trade it for an STI in 9mm ). I pressured myself a lot and ended up doing worse for it, which is rare for me, but I was trying to show off and it worked against me. Normally at the range I'm very relaxed and quickly diagnose problems if there are any.
I also think that I realized that the sights were part of my issue. I blacked out the rears and painted the front so that I can actually get some contrast for my eyes to pick up on. The low sights mixed with the glare of the sun off of the top of the slide in broad daylight made focusing on the sights extremely difficult.
As much as I consider myself a somewhat seasoned and skilled pistol shooter, I think there was still some great tips in here that I can learn from, so I appreciate it.
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