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1. What Evil Roy & Holy Terror are doing isn't's slip-shooting (trigger held back, weak-hand thumb cocking & releasing the hammer). This technique is well-known with those who've studied the use of SA sixguns....people like Jim Wilson, John Taffin, Bill Jordan, & Massad Ayoob. It's an excellent way to get hits on target you can see.
Ok so I mentioned fanning, and I took for granted you would post FANNING (because remember, I never mentioned slip shooting, because I didn't know what it was) when you criticized me for saying FANNING is a foolish maneuver in SD. So I didn't know there was another term for what they were doing, but now I know the video did not show fanning, so there was no reason for you to post it. I was not discussing what they were doing, which I admit, they were efficient at. However, remember, they were shooting steel plates, so once again, its not the same as SD. Your video was misleading in relation to what we both said. I criticized people who would try fanning in a SD encounter, and you mentioned even a girl can do it, when she wasn't fanning anyways. Thanks for confusing everyone including myself.

If you think what Evil Roy is doing is fanning, then you need to go back to school and no, you probably shouldn't carry a single action for self defense. I don't even know if they are slip-hammering. Either way, that IS the way a single action should be run in a self defense situation.
I was using something called deductive reasoning. If I mention fanning, and he posts a video, and mentions how fanning can be done, even a girl can do it, why would I assume he posted something different, and irrelevant? I of course once again placed too much faith in someone else. That gets me everytime.

I would never carry a SA revolver anyways, because for all the time one practices, they could have gotten proficient with a semi auto or DA revolver instead, which both are more advantageous than a SA revolver in a gun fight.

The real irony here is that fanning was only ever done because technology had not yet caught up to what the gunfighter of the day really wanted, a reliable semi auto pistol, or at least a DA revolver. Perhaps fanning could be slightly faster, but its also less accurate than shooting a DA revolver in double action, or shooting a semi auto pistol. Of course, if you're Bob Munden, Evil Roy, or someone like that, perhaps then, after 100k rounds or more then you might actually be that good at fanning. However, for the rest of us, a SD encounter is not the time to imitate your favorite Spaghetti western.

Imagine how fast they could their SA revolver in the standard method.

What exactly would that be?
Typo - I meant to say fire* the SA revolver in the standard method. But still, IMO if you have to ask that, then you shouldn't be carrying a SA either. People say there are no stupid questions, well now those people are liars. I was referring to shooting the gun two handed, and cocking the hammer before each shot, with the non-dominant hand. If your non-dominant hand was hurt, you could cock the arm and shoot it with one hand. What the _____ else would a standard shooting method be for a SA revolver?

Oh... BTW... I don't "fan" & even "slip hammering" takes a lot of practice,,, put a bullet over the berm by accident while CAS shooting, gets you a DQ, shoot an innocent by stander in a self defense situation, gets you a free trip to prison, as well as empty bank accounts later in civil court... I shoot each revolver 2 handed trying to get a smooth rhythm between the eye ( getting on target ) the trigger finger, & the hammer thumb of the other hand... same way I'd shoot in a self defense situation...
MWM gets todays common sense award. This is exactly the thought behind what I am saying - the consequences are the chief concern here, not whether or not someone can be like Evil Roy. Even an accomplished CAS guy would not fan for obvious reasons in a SD encounter. Why would any rational person consider it is the big question?

Few will achieve the speed and skill of Bob Munden (RIP), but few would have faired well against him in a convenient store if he had had a loaded single action in his hand, and decided he needed to "fan" a few shots at multiple attackers. He WAS that good, and I wouldn't have wanted to be the one to be robbing the store and come up against someone of that skill level. Is anyone willing to practice with a single action to that degree, just to be able to be that good with one, and then choose it for self defense? Probably not. But one CAN be deadly with one; to the point that WHAT the other guy is using is immaterial.
This is another good point. For the time it would take for someone to master the SA six gun that way, someone could have mastered say a 1911, CZ 75, or S&W model 10, which offer many advantages to the shooter.
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