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Shorten OAL, or pull?

I am loading 230gr LRN over 5.2gr of Winchester 231 in .45 ACP. They are loaded to around 1.272" OAL, which is a bit too long. I have shot factory ammo that was this length so I didnt think to chamber check them before making a decent size batch. I normally run 5.0-5.1gr at 1.265".

Though they fire just fine, the slide is having a difficult time fully closing. After 4 or 5 rounds I decided to hold off.

My question is, can I safely shorten the OAL to around 1.25-1.26 and use normally? I worked up this load from starting charge. Or, should I go ahead and burn an afternoon pulling them?

Hodgon lists max as: 5.3gr at 1.200" with the same bullet.
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