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I'm just the opposite . . . I have a .357 LCR for CCW and I like it for that - not the prettiest revolver but I like the lightweight of it and how it shoots. The 22 LCR doesn't really do much for me and I'll probably never own one. I have a number of Rugers . . . love them all but for myself, for shooting 22s, I much prefer my MK III Target or for general plinking, I have a vintage Super Bearcat. I just have never been that thriiled with DA revolvers and much prefer SA style revolvers. If I'm going to spend what they get for the 22 LCR - I'm going to spend it on something that isn't DA only - just my preference. On the other hand, for CCW (for myself and my preferences) I chose the 357 LCR because it ws DA only - primarily for safety reasons. And the trigger on mine is very nice. But . . . like anythng else - Chevy or Ford? It's different strokes for different folks.
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