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"Budget" build AR project

I guess nothing in these times can really be considered "budget", but all things considered, I think I'm doing okay.

Here's the project that I'm working on now.

$130 - Mega Arms Lower
$60 - PSA LPK w/ MOE grip (no fire control unit)
$FREE - Standard GI fire control system (left overs from Geissele upgrades)
$56 - UTG Mil-Spec M4 stock assembly (buffer tube, buffer, spring, stock)
$25 - Aluminum quad rail (M4 style)
$490 - PSA 14.7'' M4A1 Hammer-Forged Upper w/ pinned A2 flash hider

$761 - TOTAL so far...

The only thing I have left to get is the BCG and a carry handle. Those BCG's are impossible to find... but I'm keeping my eye out. Figuring I should be able to finish it for around $900 or just a little over. In the mean time, I'm just going to be running it dedicated to my CMMG 22 conversion kit.

Just waiting on delivery of the upper and it'll be ready to go. I kind of like that I'm keeping this one pretty much basic M4 style. Not a fancy rail, not a fancy stock or anything.
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