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Do you happen to have Speer manual? Plenty of load data in the 223 section with CC 450 Mag primers.
Well, now I just feel stuipd.

I checked Hodgdon, Hornady, Sierria... but i didn't check the speer manual sitting in a drawer of my reloading bench.

So let me see if I understand you correctly. You don't trust pressure signs but you'll trust what someone on the internet tells you is safe. "Well if it's on the internet is has to be true" right?
Nope, you completly misunderstood. But this thread isn't about wether or not massive over pressure can be masked by diffrent makes of primers and brass, or if the pressure signs show up when the load is already WELL beyond the pressure envelope of the round. It isn't even about wether asking for a:
a reputable source of data using these components, or if someone could use a program such as quick load
somehow constitutes trusting something on the internet.

I have my answer!

Thank you steve4102!

I still want a pressure barrel setup. But I'm a nerd like that.
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