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TTT Again

Understand from what I heard on news broadcasts that today, a senate committee approved, on a party line vote, S. 150. Earlier, same committed had approved ""expanded background checks"".

I would not presume to speak for others, especially those I do not personally know, but for me, committee action is less than acceptable. I therefore respectfully suggest to readers/listeners here the following. Senate offices should disappear beneath the weight of phone calls, faxes, emails and "smoke signals" expressing unending opposition to this committee action, to demands that when and if the things come to an actual floor vote, that senators vote in opposition. No other action is acceptable. No negotiations, no deals, nothing other than negative votes will suffice.
10-4 I am about to do a letter to that effect.

Actually here is exactly what I just wrote

If our voice hasn't been heard by now it isn't because we aren't speaking loudly or clearly enough it is because you are not listning.

We the people do not want further Gun laws or resctictions we want further restrictions and punishments on MURDER.

Stop making these people famous and start punishing them with the death penalty quickly.

Taking away our ability to defend ourselves does nothing to limit the criminal use of firearms. The very definition of a criminal is someone who acts without regard for the Law. So please explain to me how more laws will have an impact on criminal behavior.
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