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I'm not even that good at CAS shooting & often have stages ( 10 rounds of single action revolver ( 5 in each of 2 guns ), 10 rounds of lever action rifle, & at least 4 rounds through my double barrel shotgun, including the transition between guns & targets ) that time out at around 20 seconds ( I think my best is 16 seconds )... not smoking fast, but not too shabby for a old guy newbie... I'm still new enough, that my goal is to hit all the targets, then worry about time... with 10 stages, that's a lot of shots... but I have gotten a couple "clean" sheets ( 100% hits ) at times as I listed...

I shoot in the classic cowboy class, so my stuff is not all "slicked up" & I really only compete against myself, keeping records of my times, & trying to continually improve on those...

since I most often carry a single action in some form, I think of this as 1st "fun", but also as tactical training

Oh... BTW... I don't "fan" & even "slip hammering" takes a lot of practice,,, put a bullet over the berm by accident while CAS shooting, gets you a DQ, shoot an innocent by stander in a self defense situation, gets you a free trip to prison, as well as empty bank accounts later in civil court... I shoot each revolver 2 handed trying to get a smooth rhythm between the eye ( getting on target ) the trigger finger, & the hammer thumb of the other hand... same way I'd shoot in a self defense situation...
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