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If you think what Evil Roy is doing is fanning, then you need to go back to school and no, you probably shouldn't carry a single action for self defense. I don't even know if they are slip-hammering. Either way, that IS the way a single action should be run in a self defense situation.

Imagine how fast they could their SA revolver in the standard method.
What exactly would that be?

Actually I am quite proficient with single action revolvers, having been shooting them for over 40 years and actually competing in CAS for several years. There again, never assume.
Then you are the exception. However, couldn't one use your logic to argue against carrying an antiquated double action S&W, as opposed to a high capacity automatic???

The point being made is to use whatever you are most proficient with. If you are MORE proficient with a DA, then yes, I don't think anyone would argue your choice. I am not. As said, some of us do way more shooting with single actions than DA's or autos.
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