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Another thing you can do is keep turning it in 1/4 turn until the cases fit into the chamber. This way you are not over sizing the shoulders. There is nothing wrong with your die.

1/4 turn of the die moves it about .018". If the bolt just closed with a bit of binding on a sized case with a given die setting then the die was screwed down .018" (1/4th turn), the bottleneck case shoulder's now set back very close to .018". With the die's 14 threads per inch, there's about .072" between them (1 divided by 14 = .072 rounded up to 3 places). 1/4 turn moves the die 1/4 of .072". That's .018"

The die does not have a degree wheel, there is no conversion for fractional adjustments converted to thousandths. When adjusting the die there are only wild guestimates of a turn, I know, it has always sounded impressive with the 14 turns per inch, 1 turn =.07185714” and .01796 etc.. Rather than make wild guestimates I verify with a feeler gage, instead of wasting my time making wild guestimates, I go straight to the feeler gage, I back the die off, select a leaf from the gage, lay it between the shell holder and bottom of the die, make the adjustment then secure the die. To verify I use a thicker leaf and then a thinner leaf.

Again, I have one rifle that chambers cases that are .014” longer than minimum length, cases that are minimum length are longer than a go gage length chamber by .005”, the chamber in this one rifle is .011” longer than a go-gage length chamber/gage. Back to ‘I do not shoot gages’ I off set the length of the chamber with the length of the case. And that is the reason all my presses have threads, threads make my dies adjustable to and of off the shell holder, all that is required? I must know the length of the chamber from the shoulder of the chamber back to the bolt face.

Then there is the 1/8 turn of the die, .00898”, for those than can measure the length of a case after sizing from the shoulder back to the head of the case has 7 options between .000 and .008”, when making wild guestimates..., I suppose that is the reason a reloader would secure the lock ring to the die, once it is close they apply the leaver policy, once adjusted they leaver adjusted.

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