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Actually, he DID have a name......several, actually.

In "Fist full of Dollars" he was "Joe".

In "For a few Dollars more" he was "Manco".

In "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" he was "Blondie".
True, but if you paid attention in the movies, most of the people in the movie knew nothing about him, including his name. It was if he came out of nowhere, yet had a profound presence.

I was aware of the names that you mentioned, but on the other hand, its not like he referred to himself with those names. Those names could have been attached to him, but who was he really? Hence, "Man with No Name" trilogy.

That "wannabe" happens to be a multiple-time world champion single-action is his granddaughter. And, if you believe that we fight like we train, the video shows that they'll both do just fine in a SD situation with a single-action revolver. In addition, I'm showing a real-life application of shooting techniques...not Hollywood fiction. What's next?....demonstrating proper gun-drawing technique from the cantina scene in STAR WARS?....

Are you going to believe Hollywood....or your eyes?....
Allow me to clarify: he is good at what he does, but that video has nothing to do with SD. I bet you even THOSE TWO, being who they are, would probably go with a standard shooting technique for a SA in a SD scenario, since their lives are potentially on the line with a SD encounter. CAS is not real life, even though the guns are real. CAS being not like a real life SD encounter, is an important determination to make, esp in this conversation. No, I do not believe they would attempt to use their fanning (which their fanning really is more precise than other methods) in a SD scenario. Imagine how fast they could their SA revolver in the standard method. Why would they ever need to fan?

My main point was that their prowess at shooting metal sheets has nothing to do with the conventional wisdom of the fanning practice in a SD scenario. Of course he is award winning, but what does that have to do with the topic of a SA revolver in a SD scenario? Not a damn thing when you think about it. If you want to point out that it could be done by someone crazy enough to attempt it, or that he of all people could do it, I agree, but my question is if fanning is a wise consideration for a SA revolver user in a SD scenario? No, it is not.
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