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Here's an unsafe thing to do:
Another thing you can do is keep turning it in 1/4 turn until the cases fit into the chamber. This way you are not over sizing the shoulders. There is nothing wrong with your die.
1/4 turn of the die moves it about .018". If the bolt just closed with a bit of binding on a sized case with a given die setting then the die was screwed down .018" (1/4th turn), the bottleneck case shoulder's now set back very close to .018". With the die's 14 threads per inch, there's about .072" between them (1 divided by 14 = .072 rounded up to 3 places). 1/4 turn moves the die 1/4 of .072". That's .018"

Which means there will be almost that much head clearance for that round in the chamber. That's the same has having almost .016" excessive headspace for a normal round. Head separation will soon start and eventually crack the case wall at the pressure ring in front of the extractor groove.

Sorry, PA-Joe, doing this is a sure way to over size fired case shoulders. Too bad it's so often done by folks.
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