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Though I've been handloading on & off for the past 24 or so years, I did -NOT- see the drought coming after the '08 election, and I came inches away from running out of primers. I made a big order with Graf's to get more -- and I waited eleven months to get them.

I'll continue to laugh at any moron on a message board that defines me as a hoarder due to the fact that I align my priorities such that I'm not worried about how I'll be able to continue to have ammo for every range session I have, which is typically 2-3 times a month, where I tend to burn 600-800 center fire rounds at each session.

I don't have mounting debt. Actually, I don't have -ANY- debt. I take care of my children. I have food to eat and I'm still working a physical job nearly 50 hours a week and they pay me by the hour.

I feel awful for folks new to handloading that are being shut out of tools or components.

For loudmouths on forums who cry foul... well: If anyone has a problem with the idea that I'm not worried about components, please tell me the SPECIFIC component that you can't find so I can tell you how much of it I have and laugh at your ignorance for not having any of it.

While you are all pantie-twisted, don't forget to ask me how much I'm selling primers, powder and component bullets for. WAIT, I'll save you the trouble: I'm not selling a bit of it. Not even when these guys are getting $75 per thousand for primers.

Local guy in town here has two Federal bulk packs of rimfire, the old style red box, 550 rounds a piece. He's offering them at $165. They were selling bulk packs of rimfire at the last gun show for $50 each. But sorry, I'm not selling the 12 of them I have, at any price. I'm going to shoot them.

Heh, "hoarder." That's rich. I suppose I am a hoarder... and you are an absolute fool and it's hilarious that you aren't bright enough to have bought some of this stuff when it was available.

It's okay, though. Really. Next time around, they'll call you a hoarder also and you can laugh at the ignorant ones who didn't buy when they could and have nothing but energy to point fingers now -- since they don't have any components.
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