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If your looking for a niche, go to the calibers like .257, and .270 and offer some heavier weights than what are currently offered by the major brands. They concentrate on the masses where there are a LOT of folks who are looking for something just a bit heavier for their needs.

Myself I would love to see a nice FB or even a short BT with a 125 - 130gr weight in .257 for my 25-06s. Some think that is too heavy but I know for a fact they will both shoot well in either of my rifles. I have some of the now discontinued Wildcat's in both weights and they shoot like a dream. For two years after Nosler brought out the BT I asked why they wouldn't put it in a 115gr, their reply was it wouldn't stabilize. Nowadays it's one of their best sellers for that caliber.

In .277, something in the 160 - 180 range would also be nice. Nothing really available other than the Partition.

Just need to find the overlooked gaps in the lines and see what you can fill.
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