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The whole "conspiracy theory" was meant to bring a grin. In my post, it wasn't that Black Hills was pulling the wool over everyone's eyes -- it was that I had cooked up a "conspiracy theory" that the ammo is much more prevalent than I see it.

I'm not traveling all over the country and hitting every gun shop, but I'm a regular at more than a dozen different haunts in my circles. Don't get the idea that I believe all the ammo comes from Wal-Mart. However -- you're asleep at the wheel if you think the bulk of "random Joe Lunchbox" range visitor is buying any manner of premium ammo, even premium by a little bit. The bulk of the ammo being bought & consumed is all that stuff I listed... every manufacturer's absolute base brand.

I rarely, if ever, see Black Hills for sale and I -never- see the stuff on ranges. Perhaps it shows up on the rifle range, where I don't spend much time.

It does seem like Black Hills doesn't have a product to even attempt to compete with the base brands, the WWB's and Blazer Brass of the world. That likely is due to scale & production capacity.

I certainly do miss their old blue box factory re-man offerings.

And I'm guessing I would see more Black Hills if I lived further west, in the middle of the country where there are wide open spaces.
I've seen many more Ferraris in the pages of "Car and Driver" and "Road and Track" than I've ever seen in real life (and I lived in Monterey, California for a few years) - that doesn't mean there's a conspiracy to make Ferraris seem more commonplace than they actually are.
Great. Well, I don't read those magazines, so my experience with Ferraris is 180 degrees from yours... and yeah, that nugget is just as helpful as your post was.
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