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I did a test with 223 brass because I had a head space gage for them.
I gage all my 223 brass after resizing.
I found brass that would not gage after sizing on the turret.(sic)
You failed to do something, then.
The LCT will resize much larger cases than .223 with no issues. There is no 'wiggle' in the stroke. Those posts didn't stretch, and the turret puck didn't give. *shrug* You aren't following through all the way on the handle like you should, most likely, it is not an uncommon thing to do.

As far as having one for a second press when one already has one, I'm not seeing the logic. I'd pick a classic cast original, just for the fact it will bolt into the very same place the LCT is(Lee presses have the same base bolt pattern if I recall.).
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